“Mum do they sell cars in there?”

1977 Bootle Strand, I was three and mistook Boots, the chemist logo, for a certain car manufacturer’s mark. This is my first memory of something that shaped my life and still does to this very day … that’s right peeps Graphic Design+.

I have been professionally practising this fine art now for over 20 years making marks on everything from paper to corten steel with an occasional splash of cotton.

This, I will continue to do until either my eyes pop out or my arms fall off.
As they say Designers don’t retire, they die.
“Mum do they sell cars in

People and things that nourish my soul:

Arrows / Lucky cats / Chris Foss / Mechanical pencils / Hatching / Radiohead / Well designed paper products / The Northwest of England / Richard Rogers / Factory Yellow / Foilco SHLR / YT-1300 Corellian freighter / Making / Cartography / Swiss flag / Corned beef / Roger Dean / Velcro / Lego / Tool beer / The smell of fresh print / Mk1 Golf / Ralph McQuarrie / Letraset / A good compass / Julian Schrofer / Tolomeo lamp / Eames DSX chair / Dutch trains / 1976 NY Subway map / And of course my wonderful wife and daughter ++